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Project Graduation

Welcome to the Project Graduation 2024 Page!


Welcome! Can you believe graduation day is almost here? We have some exciting things happening between now and graduation. Please check back as we will be adding events and dates.


Project Graduation was conceived in Maine over 25 years ago after 18 teens lost their lives in drug and alcohol related crashes following high school graduations.  The event was so well received that it was quickly adopted by other high schools throughout the nation – including Texas.

This is a totally self-supporting program sponsored by the parents and the community; we receive no funding from the school budget. Because of the enormous undertaking – there are several opportunities to become involved.  There are several fundraisers in process and several committees in need of volunteers.  We would love for you to join us!   This is a true graduation gift for our teens.

Project Graduation Officers:

  • Co-Chairs: 

    • Jodi Koenig, Charlotte Trapp and Dana Dawson

  • Vice President: 

    • Rebecca Sneed

  • Secretary: 

    • Rebecca Stevenson

  • Treasurer: 

    • Nicole Francis

  • PR/Social Media :

    • Robbie Kirkland

Project Graduation 2024 Information


Project Graduation 2024


  • Buses will leave Navarro High School for Pedrotti’s Ranch on May 24th at 11:00 pm. We will NOT wait for anyone who arrives late.
  • Seniors must be at school starting at 10:15 pm no later than 10:45 pm for bag checks.
  • All graduating Seniors are invited and highly encouraged to participate.  No guests are allowed.
  • Seniors must be present the entire night to collect a designated amount of cash.  (Specific concerns please contact Jodi Koenig 830-708-9484)
  • Seniors MUST ride the bus from school to Pedrotti’s Ranch and MUST ride the bus from Pedrotti’s Ranch back to the school.
  • All students must fill out a medical release form (included in this packet)
  • All forms must be returned to the drop box in the office by Friday, May 10, 2024 by 4pm.
  • Every purse, wallet, bag, pockets, etc. will be checked prior to boarding the bus.  NO TOBACCO PRODUCTS or VAPES of any kind and ABSOLUTELY NO MEDS or anything appearing to be meds allowed.  This would include prescriptions, Tylenol, Advil, aspirin, cough medicine, or lozenges, breath mints, birth control pills, etc.  They will be discarded: that is, thrown away.  Leave them at home.  If you or your parents have any questions regarding this rule, please call Mr. Scarborough at 830-372-1931.
  • Anyone caught breaking these rules at any time will forfeit their cash gift and parents will be called to pick them up. 
  • Seniors will return to Navarro High School at approximately 5:00 am – 5:30 am, where they will receive CASH. Please ensure your child has transportation home upon arrival!
  • Please remember, Seniors, that you must participate all night following all of the above rules in order to collect your CASH.
  • Parents with specific concerns, please contact Jodi Koenig 830-708-9484. 

THANK YOU for your cooperation and participation!


Printable Project Graduation Permission Slips - Due May 10, 2024 by 4 pm


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