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Business Grants



as of May 15,2025

The following information is provided in accordance with Board Policy CB (LOCAL):

The District shall provide public notice of federal grant applications through an information item at a Board meeting and by  publishing information on the District's website.  The District shall make available opportunities for public input as required by law  or the granting agency. 


  1.  State grant information is provided below in addition to the required Federal grant disclosure for added transparency.

  2.  Grant information for prior years can be found in the applicable Annual Financial Report (see link below).

NISD Financial Transparency Reports


  3. Drawdowns will be made in accordance with reporting requirements set forth in 2 CFR Sec.200.328 and 329.  The Business Office will work in conjunction with individual departments responsible for grants to ensure reporting requirements are reviewed and ensuring reports are submitted.  


Please complete the following information to provide public input for any of the pending or existing grants listed below.

Submit Grant Information Here