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Emergency Services 

Emergencies at Navarro ISD are handled through the Guadalupe County emergency services. All EMS calls are taken to Guadalupe Regional Medical Center. Any school personnel can make the call to contact 911 services should they feel the situation warrants such a response. Navarro ISD does have several individuals on each campus that are trained in CPR/First Aid and maintain that certification through the American Heart Association. Navarro ISD has also made the commitment to their staff and students to place Automated External Defibrillators on each campus and within the Athletic department.

If you have any questions regarding emergency services at Navarro ISD, please feel free to contact Veronica Schnautz, RN, District Nurse, at (830) 372-1933 or

If your child has a chronic medical condition that may require special considerations or accommodations while at school, please contact Veronica Schnautz, RN, District Nurse, to discuss medical arrangements and health care plans. All students diagnosed with medical conditions such as but not limited to asthma, diabetes, anaphylactic reactions etc. need a health care plan on file completed by their health care provider.

A note to our Parents: The best method of keeping your child safe is prevention! If your child is on medications, has a condition that warrants watching or an illness- whether it be chronic or acute, contact your campus health services person and let them know what's going on. The more information we have on your student will help us to make sound decisions when it comes to health care while at school. If you feel your child needs to have certain medical attention during school hours, please contact Veronica Schnautz, RN at 830-372-1933 ext. 2012 so we can plan a time for us to sit down and discuss a health care plan for your child.