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Career and Technical Education (CTE) programs consist of a coherent sequence of courses that provide students with rigorous college and career-specific content that offers industry certifications, paid or unpaid work-based learning experiences, and/or dual credit opportunities upon completion of a sequence. CTE content is aligned with challenging academic standards and relevant technical knowledge and skills needed to prepare for further education and careers in current or emerging professions.  Endorsements assigned to each Program of Study can be earned by completing three or more courses for four or more credits within a CTE Program of Study.  Students who follow a CTE Program of Study course sequence, also have the opportunity to earn a performance acknowledgment upon graduation through an industry-based certification. This is one of the indicators tied to the district's accountability rating.

Students will identify their Program of Study and associated Endorsement during their 8th grade year.  Although students should follow the Program of Study sequence of courses to meet prerequisites and earn an Endorsement, there may be opportunities to change depending on the courses, space availability, and whether the change will not keep a student from earning an endorsement.  Students currently in the programs take precedence in the aligned courses and may be able to fit more than one elective or course sequence in another Program of Study throughout their high school career. 

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CTE Offers

  • Curriculum that includes a sequence of courses that builds knowledge and skills each year to prepare students to be college and career ready
  • Provides relevance and real-world content for academic studies while promoting teamwork and cooperative learning
  • Includes local, state, and federal accountability, compliance, and funding
  • Encourages students to view a high school diploma as readiness for a career, college or other postsecondary study or employment and a foundation for the future rather than as an end in and of itself
  • Builds community engagement between teachers, counselors, parents, and local business and government
  • Connects students to careers
  • Improves talent development, attraction, and retention for our local workforce
  • Incorporates College and Career Work-Based Learning Continuum Model (supporting Pre-K + beyond)
    • Awareness
    • Exploration
    • College and/or Career Preparation
    • Application of skills in Capstone Courses (Level 3-4)/
    • Career Training

Infographic for Work-Based Learning Continuum, from pre-k through postsecondary