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Academic Services

We will inspire individuals to grow, to serve & BE exceptional!

Lead with Integrity...Build Relationships...Achieve Results

The Navarro ISD Academic Services department is committed to providing resources, support, instructional guidance, accountability measures and educational excellence to our staff, teachers, students, administrators, parents, and community members. As a department, we developed a statement to express why we do what we do each day. Our goal is to help individuals, and those who seek to work towards excellence each and every day, to grow. Together, we make Navarro ISD an exceptional place to learn and to achieve.

District of Innovation Renewed Plan

Navarro ISD has been a District of Innovation since August of 2017. By law, a District of Innovation may have a term of up to five years, then the plan must be renewed. At the time of renewal, the district has the opportunity to amend components of the current District of Innovation plan, rescind the plan, or renew the plan as it was originally written if the plan still meets the current innovative needs of the district.

During the renewal process of the plan, all sections and exemptions must be reviewed, and whether or not changes are made to the plan or exemptions, the School Board cannot vote to approve the plan until it has been posted online for 30 calendar days, the commissioner has been notified, and the District Educational Improvement Committee has held a public meeting to consider the plan, and then the DEIC must approve the plan by a majority vote.

An image of Wendy McMullen

Wendy McMullen

Chief Academic Officer