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E.C.A. Puls Farm

E.C.A. Puls Farm Heritage Center

Mr. Wilfred Bartoskewitz worked with Lane L. Puls and Susan J. Puls Segar to secure 16 acres of land, now named the ECA Puls Farm Heritage Center, for 4-H and FFA members who may not have the land and/or facilities to house livestock projects, as well as build equipment and supplies to support various projects. This opportunity is being extended to members of Guadalupe County 4-H, Navarro FFA and Seguin FFA.

For the 2019-20 year, pens will be available for goat, sheep, swine, broilers, cattle and rabbits.

Facility Usage Requirements

Any 4-H or FFA member requesting usage of the facility must complete the following steps:

  1. Read the Puls Farm Use Agreement Rules and complete a "Request for Livestock Project Housing" form.
  2. Submit completed Request form, with required fees, to Ms. Weller (Ag Teacher, Navarro High School).
  3. Upon approval, pending pen availability, you will be provided with a pen assignment. No animals are allowed to be moved into the barn prior to approval.